Hand-Painted Backgrounds

Mark Hamilton, Tim West Backgrounds' founder, has personally designed each 'Hand-Painted' background in our collection.  

We use the finest available durable 100 percent cotton muslin materials.  Employing meticulous craftsmanship, we include re-enforced seams, rod pockets at the top and bottom and metal grommets.  Our 'Hand-Painted' backgrounds are created by a talented and dedicated group of artists, using a variety of techniques such as air brushing, sponging and actual hand painting with various brushes.  Using detailed layering techniques, we use special bonding agents, paints and finishes to ensure that each background not only looks great, but also stands up to heavy everyday use in photographers' studios...lasting for many many years! 

Some differences from background to background of the same design will occur due to the nature of the artistic process.  Our backgrounds are painted by real artists, not by computers or machines.

We have 'Hand-Painted' designs in the following categories...

  • Master Scenic
  • Scenic
  • Elite